Sunday, November 4, 2007

Heckling Hare: Second Attempt

This post is one of my "assignments" from John K.'s "$100,000 Animation Drawing Course". If you want to participate in this series of free lessons, go check out the introduction to the course at the Animation Archive blog.

Here is my second attempt at drawing the infamous frame from "Heckling Hare," laid out in John K.'s Blog. This time, I could tell before I finished inking it that I was off on some key details.
Most noticeable of the problems was the length and angle of the neck -- a frustrating development since I thought I'd measured my proportions carefully. The right (my right, Bugs's left) side of his face is also much too scrunched, so I didn't have room to draw the details properly. Overall, his head is too narrow. Check the comparison below to see where I went wrong.

Still, I think this attempt is better than the last one. I was able to line up more than one feature when I did the overlay in Photoshop. Next time, I'll do my construction in a scannable color (instead of non-photo blue) so I can show my drawing process.

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